Vendor and Artist list (from 2023)

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Art prints, Key chains, And stickers
Tumblers, wind spinners, car cup coasters, necklaces, key chains, etc
Indie comic book, art prints, printed merchandise
Anime Food Illustration Prints & Bookmarks
Art Prints, Limited Run Tees, Collectors Pins, Tote Bags all derived from our artwork.
Cute and creepy art!
Non-branded jewelry and accessories.
We homemade fandom/anime inspired dessert and drinks.
Prints, postcards, original and fanart, keychains, charms, standees, other accessories and stationeries.
3d printed minis, animals, fidgets, paintings, crochet items anime bassed
Sublimation Tumblers, leggings, music boxes, pocket watches. All items are anime, video game, and horror themed.
Keychains, stickers, sticky notes, prints, posters, original art
stationery, keychains, other handpainted and handprinted goods with strong anime and indie vtuber themes
Haikyuu, Genshin Impact, original artwork designs on omamori, prints, button sets, tote bags, and lanyards.
Trading cards, manga and general merchandise
Prints,canvases and images on slate
original and fan art prints, keychains, charms, pins, stickers, lanyards and phone grips
Comic, anime and video game merchandise
We sell the highest quality and most affordable light sabers in the world. They are duel ready and safe for all ages guaranteed. All DX SABERS are proudly assembled by hand in the USA
Deep Ce Design Studio is a single-artist studio specializing in brightly colored beach and fantasy themed goods ranging from prints and stationery, to pins, accessories, apparel, and more.
Authentic Japanese goods I carry items that are Japan exclusives that no other vendors have! As well as more common items such as figures.
Handpoured Soy wax candles, melts and diffusers with an RPG Theme!
I feature a variety of things from digital prints(of original artwork/style), original artwork in pencil/marker/paint, I hand etch on glassware, sometimes I paint on glassware, handmade greeting cards, hand makes molds then resin cure/color jewelry. I also create special one of a kind dioramas/projects with recycled glassware or trash-treasures.
Dragon, fairie and skull decor. Incense and incense burners. LARP swords.
Keychain, figure, posters
art prints, acrylic charms, buttons, pins, acrylic standees, anime/cartoon themed candles, stickers
Vinyl stickers, art prints, pins and buttons, keychains, earrings
I illustrate and create stickers, keychains, etc. featuring pride themes, reptiles, and games such as Kingdom Hearts.
Fursuit parts and supplies, buttons, and stickers
I make and sell glow in the dark jewelry, figures, and other decorations.
I make bring retro and modern characters together with my art.
Fan Artist; Prints, Stickers, Keychains, Buttons, Notepads
We sell merchandise for fuzzball. Family friendly cute little animals.
3D printed miniatures, displays, Laser cut gifts, Hobby supplies
We carry International, retro, hard-to-find & TikTok-trending packaged snacks and drinks. Including chips, chocolates, hard candy, gummies, etc. We also have anime-based snacks, ramen, merch, crockery & accessories, and more
Handmade fascinator hats, steampunk assemblage vintage jewelry, polymer clay jewelry and art. (Jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, and hair sticks/hair pins) Handmade spats/gaiters. Steampunk ornaments and medals of merit.
Enamel pins, stickers, keychains and lanyards, all original art
Prints, Illustrations and sketchbooks
"From poofy petticoats to whimsical washi tape, Kei-mart offers unique new and gently used lolita fashion and Japanese novelties! (Stationary, handmade jewelry, stickers, official Jojo's Bizarre Adventure merch, lolita clothing and accessories, Japanese snacks)
colorful and cute accessories and apparel; with a slight edge. Products include pins, belt chains with perler charms, stickers, hand-painted denim jackets, t-shirts & hoodies, light switch covers, hair clips, original mini ooak canvas pieces
Jewelry (such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces), knitted hats, wax seals, wax melts
Bubble tea
I make a variety of handmade decorations, accessories, amigurumi, and home goods.
Licensed, imported anime collectibles such as blind box figurines, key chains, cell phone charms, large plastic figurines, and plush.
We sell 100% authentic products from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Although we're know for our Pokémon goods, we also sell, Splatoon, Dragonball, Kirby, and Studio Ghibli merch as well!
I sell prints, bookmarks and shrinky dinks made into keychains. They include a variety of characters from video games, anime, manga, movies and cartoons.
original fan art prints, original prints, keychains/charms, ornaments; personalized on-site commissions and buttons.
Prints and stickers of original and fanart created by me
We're a non profit 501 c 3 community game studio based out of the Morgantown and Pittsburgh Areas. Our aim is to help young professionals gain studio experiences through the creation of games. It's kind of like a co-op for learning to make games.
Artwork / Fan Art prints/ stickers
Traditional art, prints, comics and games.
I will be selling prints and stickers of my artwork
Pat and Pete’s apparel is an urban apparel line who uses original creations to bring to life our favorite childhood characters through all styles of clothing. Using creativity, originality, and influence, we are able to show representation in the anime and cartoon world and inspire anime and cartoon lovers throughout the tristate area.
prints, charms, stickers, buttons, washi tape, lanyards and more
Laser Engraved, Pop Culture, Inspired Home Décor
Art prints, stickers, commissions
Artist, jewelry maker & cosplayer. I upcycle items to make into handmade jewelry, such as earrings and chokers. I am also a hobby artist, so I would be selling some prints, keychains, pins, etc. Also a cosplayer, I'll be selling cosplay prints. Jack of all trades haha
Kpop albums, stickers, beanies,bucket hats, bbhats, socks, posters, necklaces/earrings/bracelets, pics, keychains, name/word bracelets/keychains/chokers (pre made and can be made on site), cell phone poppers, random anime things, etc
Marvel and DC comics warmers, wax, stuffed animals
I make food/animal plushies, stickers,pins and more
Enamel pins, wristbands, lanyards and acrylic charms
1 of 1 Clothing, Free canvases and Manga/Line art based works
We sell unique, international, pre-packaged snacks and drinks.
Cute charms, stickers, and pins based on pop culture.
I sell Pokémon and other anime terrariums. I also sell original art prints and original art stickers.
Custom funko pops and ttrpg goodies such as dice bags and trays
Anime art prints, tee-shirts, stickers
Prints, charms, zines
comics, prints, keychains,buttons
Custom cups and handmade items
We sell a wide variety of Video Game/Anime themed Crochet Plushies along with an assortment of hand-collaged trays, coasters, and tables collaged with recycled manga and comic books. We also carry keychains, boxes, and other cute trinkets!
Handmade badge holders, purses, messengers and ita bags
Tote bags, prints, keychains, charms, bookmarks, stickers
Figures, keychains, lanyards, blankets, pins, plushies, etc.