Voice Actors/Guests For 2024 Show

Please note: Most guests will have a charge for their signatures/products. Each guest's prices will be posted at their booth. All of the prices for the guest's signatures/products are determined by the individual not by Natsukashii Con. Payment methods may be different for each guest as well.

Voice Actors


Catero ColbertCatero Colbert IMDB

Catero Alain Colbert is an actor best known for playing:
Killer Bee on Naruto Shippuden,
he also plays Darui on the same show. Tom Staton on Showtimes Roadies and Harley on TNT’s Briarpatch.
Dedrick on Freeforms Love in the time of Corona.
Played Coldcast in Superman vs the Elites.
He has guest starred on Shameless, Training Day and several other shows.

Molly Zhang

Molly Zhang headshotMolly Zhang IMDB

Molly Zhang is a purveyor of memes, dreams, and voiceover things! Her roles include Seele in "Honkai: Star Rail", Mulan in "SMITE", Ena Saito in "Laid-Back Camp", Akane Nishimura in "My Clueless First Friend", and much more. Voiceover ventures aside, Molly is often found traversing the world of Eorzea and spreading the word of the critically acclaimed FFXIV. Watch her ramble and lament over her gacha pulls @mollozhang on Twitter/Twitch/IG.

Breena Larsen

Breena Larsen headshotBreena Larsen IMDB

Brenna is an actor, singer, and voice director. She is most known for her roles in Genshin Impact (Navia), Care Bears: Unlock the Magic (Share Bear and Dibble), Master Detective Archives (Guillaume Hall), Pokemon Masters (Eve), LOL: House of Surprises (Candylicious), Rainbow High (Karla), Octopath Traveler (Pala) and many others. Brenna loves her job and feels like the luckiest to get to act every day!

Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee headshotCrystal Lee IMDB

Crystal Lee is a Taiwanese-American voice actress based in Los Angeles. Her prominent roles include: Clorinde (GENSHIN IMPACT), Jade(BRATZ), Khali (MAPLESTORY), Aurelia Pelegren (AGE OF DARKNESS: FINAL STAND), Arko'narin Starshade (WORLD OF WARCRAFT), Akari (OUTERPLANE), and Khun Mascheny Zahard (TOWER OF GOD: NEW WORLD).  When she isn't screeching into a microphone, you can most often find her playing Dungeons & Dragons, stuffing her face at KBBQ, or busting out of an Escape Room in record time. You can also find Crystal on Twitter @CrystalLeeVO, Instagram @crystalyleevo, and her website www.CrystalYLee.com.

Emily Sun

Emily Sun headshotEmily Sun IMDB

Emily Sun is a Chinese-American voice actress based in LA. She is most well-known as Clara in Honkai: Star Rail. Emily's voiceover journey began at USC when she took her first voice acting class and that life-changing experience prompted her to pivot from pre-med to pursuing a career in voice acting. She has since lent her voice to video games, anime, live action shows, animation, commercials, and podcasts. In addition to voice acting, Emily is a casting director for indie video games developed through USC Games, the #1 game design program in the country. She is a huge believer in casting authentically and bringing together incredibly talented actors for a diverse cast.

Sam Slade

Sam Slade ImageSam Slade IMBD

Sam is a Filipino-American voice actress and percussionist from the city of Hampton, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay. She began her journey as a performer in 1999 on piano and studied percussion, saxophone, and baritone horn before beginning her acting studies in 2020. Sam loves to travel and has a soft spot for east coast beaches that remind her of her hometown. In her spare time, she enjoys tending to her houseplants, playing video games, and spending lazy days off with her dogs (Rico and Yoshi) and her husband. Sam's passion for her work in video games is fueled by a childhood of RPG gaming, particularly Pokemon (which she shares a birthdaywith!). A few of her notable roles include Topaz from Honkai: Star Rail, Rosetta from Punishing: Gray Raven, Janet in Brawl Stars, and Abigail from EpicSeven. Find Sam on Twitter at @samsladevo and more info on herwebsite, https://samsladevo.com.

Ashely Biski

Sam Slade ImageAshely Biski IMBD

Dually based in the vibrant entertainment hubs of Southern California, Ashely Biski is a multifaceted performer with a passion for on-camera work, voiceover artistry, and modeling. Rooted in the captivating world of musical theatre, her journey into the entertainment industry has been nothing short of a symphony of talent and dedication. Renowned as the enchanting voice behind "Layla" in the globally acclaimed Genshin Impact, which earned accolades by winning the prestigious 'Players Voice' at the 2022 Game Awards. Audiences can also hear her performance as the voice of “Juliet" in The Nutty Boy, available for streaming on Netflix. Recently, she brought to life the character "Leona" in Nikke: Goddess of Victory, and “Katherine the Furisode Girl” in Pokemon Masters, showcasing her versatility in the gaming world. Ashely has seamlessly collaborated with esteemed developers such as Bandai Namco, Mihoyo, Kuro Games, and Cygames, leaving an indelible mark on the gaming landscape. Beyond the digital realm, she has lent her talents to notable companies including Pokemon, BMW, Progressive, Puma, Ring, and Sony PlayStation, showcasing her versatility both on and off the camera.

Cosplay Guests/Judges

Kitsukami Moonvale - Featured Cosplay

Kitsukami Moonvale cosplayKitsukami's Site

Kitsukami Moonvale
Kitsukami has been cosplaying since 2011 and started to make her own costumes in 2012. She has competed and won multiple awards including Masters! She loves the fun and freedom of cosplay always striving to better her craft and improve her skills.

Caleb Cosplay

Al Orman CosplayCaleb Cosplay

Bio coming soon!!

Shannon Noelle

Shannon Noelle CosplaySnoellecosplay.com

Shannon Noelle is a Southern New Jersey cosplayer and artist who has always had a passion to create since childhood.  Starting her cosplay career in 2011, cosplay has been a way to portray some of her favorite characters and has helped build confidence both socially and in her crafting abilities. With an eye for every detail, each cosplay created has acted as a stepping stone towards learning and mastering new skills including but not limited to: sewing, LEDs, motors, foam armor, wig styling and much more. Shannon prides herself on being 100% self-taught through her journey with her very first cosplay being handmade. The things she looks forward to the most with each costume is the research that goes into planning the build and figuring out which technique or materials will be utilized to reach the end goal.

Other Amazing Guests and Entertainment!!

The Super Thrash Bros

Super Thrash BrosSuper Thrash Bros Website

Super Thrash Bros is an immersive live metal show that takes all your favorite retro Nintendo music and cranks the intensity up to 11! The show is controlled by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, who have pulled the characters straight out of their respective games to perform for you. They also have prizes waiting for any lucky audience members selected to take on the mini-game challenges throughout the show. Anyone who attends a Super Thrash Bros. show can expect to be bombarded by a wave of nostalgia, as they take them on a heavy metal journey through Hyrule Kingdom, the Mushroom Kingdom, and beyond!

Sirens and Liars

Coming Soon imageSirens and Liars Link Tree

Sirens & Liars is a female vocal duo that covers video game music.

Pencil Man - Superhero

Graphic of pencil manTanners Tales

Real Name: Unknown???
Main Super Powers:
Pencil Vision
Ability to erase evil

Pencil Man is there to save the day. Whenever a smile is needed or to create a laugh he is there.  He can leap multiple pages with a single bound. With Pencil Man’s ability to erase things that are terrorizing our neighborhoods he shows up when he is needed!!

ItMandyMo - Featured Artist

Graphic for ItsMandyMo featured artistKurryStudio.com

ItsMandyMo is an extremely talented and well known artist throughout the USA. Her art is featured in many cons all over the country and focuses on a booth that not only has amazing art but amazing experiences for attendees. Go check out her art and also have an amazing experience when you stop in and see ItsMandyMo.

Bregermann - Speedrunner

Graphic for Bregermann speedrunnerhttps://www.speedrun.com/user/Bregermann

Bregermann is a world ranked speedrunner. He has been speedrunning for many years and you can gather more information on his accomplishments on the links provided. For our show he will be running a panel about speedrunning and also will be a featured main event on Friday as he tries to break his records and speedrunning multiple spyro games listed here.  Come out and support him as he attempts to continue to break records!!
Spyro the Dragon 120%
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage 100%
Spyro: Year of the Dragon 117%