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Time Until A Great Time


2024 Judges

Masquerade Organizer and Judge - Kitsukami

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Caleb Cosplay -

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Shannon Noelle - Judge

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Join the Masquerade Contest for a change to win part of $1,000 in cash prizes

Best Performance + Runner Up

Prerecorded audio - under 2 minutes emailed to and brought on a USB to the competition. We encourage all entrants to create an original performance and should not be copied from a show/video. No idol performances which have preexisting choreography. You must make at least 50% of your costume to enter.

Best In Show

Both enter in craftsmanship and performance.

Master craftsmanship + Runner Up

Has competed before and has won at least one award from intermediate craftsmanship or if 50% of your income comes from commissions. Your costume must be 75% handmade by you/your group.

Intermediate craftsmanship

Has competed and won at least one award from beginner craftsmanship. Your costume must be 50% handmade by you/your group.

Beginner craftsmanship

Has never competed or won an award before . Your costume must be 50% handmade by you/your group.

Youth Category (15 and under)

1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place
 You will attend a required prejudging session with the judges earlier in the day to explain the making of your cosplay.
  • A build book will be required as a part of Craftsmanship judging, which you may submit physically or digitally. (at least reference photos if you forgot to take progress pics)
  • Time slots will be shared in advance of the convention for competitors to pick their prejudging time.
  • Prejudging time slots will be ~3 minutes in length.
  • Please show up at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time slot.

Stage Show:

You will go on stage individually or in your group, exhibit two to three poses!


If competing in a group, awards will be given to the group, not individuals.


The rules on this page are subject to change, if you are interested in participating, please check the cosplay section of the website often to ensure you are aware of any updates or changes.

All participants and handlers must have a valid Natsukashii Con Badge (Either Weekend or Saturday badge.)

If you are under the age of 16, you must have your parent or guardian's permission to enter and you must also be accompanied by your parent or guardian during judging, rehearsal and the contest.

 Upon signing up for this contest you agree to read and abide by all rules as posted, including the main rules and weapons policy of Natsukashii Con. If you don't, we may have to disqualify you or worse. Please don't make us summon the dragons.

Natsukashii Con guests and staff reserve the right to refuse entry or participation to anyone for any reason at any time and also reserve the right to not explain why.

Please keep in mind this event is family friendly. Please keep all performances PG-13. If you have any questions regarding a performance or cosplay, please email us at

All costumes entered must abide by the dress code policy. If your costume does not meet this criteria you will be asked to change or not be permitted to enter. 

Other Information

    • Judges reserve the right to move contestants up a division if it is found they are considered to be above the division level applied for. If you have any question about which division you should be entered into please email us at
    • You can not reenter a costume that has already won a major award.
    • You must participate in both Craftsmanship and Performance to be considered for the “Best in Show” award.
    • Hall Exhibition/ Cosplay Showcase will not be eligible for any of the Masquerade awards mentioned above. (This includes any cash prizes that will be given out.)
    • If you participate in the Hall Exhibition/ Cosplay Showcase you will not be eligible to enter into the official Cosplay Masquerade. 
    • We ask that all cosplayers wear some form of shoes that cover their feet while on stage. We want to make sure that contestants stay safe while executing their costumes/ performances. Any inaccuracies regarding shoes will be looked over. 
    • Participants must keep the size of their costume in mind while moving through the con/ contest. It is highly recommended that participants choose a costume that is able to fit through an average doorway /hallway. 
    • Participants will be allowed 1 handler through the contest if needed. Staff can help if requested. Only cosplay contest participants/ and approved handlers will be allowed in the judging room and backstage. Each cosplayer participating in the contest will have a time slot to enter the room for pre-judging. 
    • Contestants 16 and under must have a parent or guardian present with them throughout the entire cosplay contest process. This includes when prizes and awards are given out. There will be a form given to everyone who wins an award to fill out. There will be a required parental consent form that will be available for those 12 and under. 
    • There will be strict rules for contestants to be mindful on stage. This includes no running, jumping, flips, etc. Staff must be made aware of everything to be done on stage. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be immediately disqualified. We want to keep everyone safe.
    • No pyrotechnics/explosives such as smoke bombs/ machines etc.
    • Contestants are not allowed to bring/ use anything that could cause a mess or be hazardous to other contestants/ attendees. This includes -shooting things into the audience like water guns, confetti/ t-shirts/ other merchandise etc. 
    • Contestants may model a costume made by someone else. The original creator of said costume must be present during the entire judging process.
    • In order to attend the cosplay contest you must read all of the following rules and agree to them. Anyone found breaking these rules may be denied/disqualified entry from cosplay contest.
    • Natsukashii Con has a zero tolerance policy on bullying/ harassing other attendees and contestants during the con/ Masquerade. Anyone found doing so will be immediately disqualified. This will also include prizes being revoked and being banned from participating in any future Masquerades at Natsukashii Con.

Judges reserve the right to hand out as many or as few awards as they see fit. This means it’s possible to have no award for any certain category.